What is automotive relay?

What is Relays?Relay is a kind of compinent by which when the input is reached a certain value, one or more outputs will produce the scheduled changes.For Electromagnetic relay, SSR and combined relay

Common five relays - Categorized from Relay Function

The five common relays are as follows:Thermal relay, undervoltage relay, time relay, speed relay, intermediate relay.There are many types of relays, and different application scenarios require differe

What is a general relay and its working principle

1. What is a general purpose relayGeneral-purpose relays refer to relays that can be used in a certain field or in many fields. A relay is an electrical appliance that makes a predetermined step chang

Function and principle of industrial control relay

The use of relays in our homes is still very important, which can provide the most basic living guarantee for home life, but we must also pay attention to the use of relays to avoid unnecessary troubl